• Hassle-free Procurement
    for Manufacturers
    Buyers are slammed with time & cost pressure, let us manage it for you.
  • A Quality Net To Catch Issues
    Before Delivery
    We screen every part through our quality lab, minimizing your rejections and paperwork.
  • Supplier Management
    & Qualification
    We manage 100's of suppliers and are always qualifying new ones.

The Chess Group

Managing seamless distribution for the world's top OEMs and Manufacturers

Lower Total Cost

We can lower costs by 5% to 20% on average given our supplier relationships, optimization, and global sourcing presence. You pay part cost and nothing more.

Lower Rejection Rates

Every part moves through our state-of-the-art inspection lab. Regardless of actual supplier quality, we act as a net to further reduce rejection.

Simplify Procurement

We manage international, complex, and multi-process supply chains as well as quality and logistics. Consolidate your time spend by working with us.

Increase ROA

Keep your inventory on our books until you use it production and assembly, drastically reducing inventory carry with risk of shortage.

Decrease Cash Cycle

Our pay on release, vendor managed systems allow you to pay up to 90 days after the product is already in assembly, drastically reducing your cash flow cycle.

Lower Suppy Chain Risk

We strive to have all made-to-print parts always on hand and deliverable within 24 hours. We also keep months of inventory on hand to reduce supply risk.

Service Model

Our Services Offering For OEM and Manufacturing

1. Source
2. Procure
3. Import/ Export
4. Quality
5. Warehouse
6. Distribute

From start to finish, Our Promise To You

Give us a print and usage estimates, and we'll make sure you have inspection passed parts, ready for realease at all times from our warehouse. Imagine no lead times and no inventory-on-hand at the same time. Our promise to you!

We'll Do The Busy Work

So You Can Focus On The More Important Items

Working With Some Of The Best Names In The World!

There is a reason top OEMs and Manufacturers trust Chess Group for their supply