What We Do

Chess Group Inc is a full-service procurement and distribution company with an intense focus on quality. Our core business is the sourcing and supply of metallic components for OEMs and manufactures including:

  • CNC Machined Parts
  • Custom Fasteners
  • Castings
  • Stampings
  • Standard Fasteners
  • Forgings
  • Extrusions

Why Work With Us

Working with Chess Group gives our customers access to over 100 years of experience in the industry. We have seen 100s of issues occur with metal parts, and can save your production times delays and quality issues.

We can lower lead times through our deep vendor relationships, and free up time and costs and resources for you through our programs such as VMI, Quality Assurance, and Cash Flow Enhancement.

With Chess Group you can:

  • Access experience before launching production
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Reduce quality issues
  • Eliminate Lead Times
  • Reduce inventory on hand and increase ROA
  • Eliminate late deliveries
  • Lower risk of lines down

Our Customer-Focused Objectives

Lower Total Cost

We focus on reducing customer part costs by employing technology, experience, and our network. From monitoring metal prices, to optimizing logistics, our technology and procurement team is focused on cutting costs. In fact, our customers see 5% to 20% total cost reduction from using Chess Group as a supplier. These savings originate in

  • reduced quality issues
  • no line-down times
  • less labor time needed for procurement
  • lower warehouse management need
  • part cost savings
  • supply chain optimizations

Eliminate Shutdowns

In a study we did on the total cost of ownership for our customers, and the real deratives of those costs, we found shutdowns to be the largest contributor to total costs. Saving pennies on procurement over 1000's of parts can be eliminated with just a few shutdowns a year costing millions.

We look to eliminate this without adding to your costs or impacting your ROA. We reduce your inventory on the foor, follow our quality process and procurement model, and stock parts with a few hours delivery to you all times. No lead times, not excess inventory, and processed controlled quality assurance. This is the Chess difference.

Remove The Hassle

The truth is, managing C-items such as fasteners and machined parts is a hassle. They are the lowest value items, yet their number and variety cause the most problems and take the most time. We help our customers by giving them one point of contact for all their C-item procurement and quality concerns.

Chess Group maintains proprietary technology to handle and process a variety of parts and processes, 1000's of vendors, and terabytes of quality data and information. By ordering your parts through Chess, you are offloading $100,000s of dollars each year of management, documentation, and processing.

Our Clients

companies we worked with

Upstate New York

HQ, Supplier Management, Quality & Sales Office

East Syracuse, New York
+01 315 200 1037

Apodaca, Mexico

Distribution & Sales Office

Apodaca, Nuevo Leon
+52 81 1295 5000

Nanjing, China

Engineering, Quality & Supplier Management Office

Nanjing, China